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Bad experience ever! We have reserved a driver for one week in South Africa. My husband and I have travelled over the world and it's the first time this situation is happened to us.

Here's the facts :

BAD car : Instead of a car Toyota Innova, the company has decided to provide a little bus for 10 persons. It's really not the same thing for the comfort and inappropriate for the Kruger Park. In fact,

our driver had an accident when he picked us at our hotel.

BAD driver : no preparation, no map, no GPS, no idea where he has to go, didn’t speak to us. He asked us all the time the road because I had a GPS in my phone.

BAD night : Because of the bad preparation of the driver, we have arrived to late and missed the gate at Park Kruger. We slept inside the bus because at he hotel we have reserved for the driver, there was only one room left and this room was too dirty (many bugs in the bed). So, we have missed a safari, a souper, a confortable night and the morning safari.We lost 1000$.

BAD experience : stress, anxiety and loss of enjoyment of our holidays.

We have asked to the manager company to refund us the night at Park Kruger.

Unfortunately, the manager always told us that his driver was enough prepared and it was because of us (imagine, the driver has taken the wrong way, we gave to him bad indications...), we have missed the gate. The manager gave us an offer : next time we will travel In South Africa,

the use of one of our hire vehicles for the period, it would charge only for the insurance per day and the fuel required to refill the tank on return, In short the company would pick up on the rental charges. the use of one of our hire vehicles for the period. On this basis, it would reach a point where 2/3 of the cost at the lodge had been covered. But, after this experience, we doesn't want to come back in South Africa shortly. According to the manager, this is the final offer. He lost his time with us and has a lot of work. And for us, we lost our time, our money and our vacation.