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LAOS : Croisière sur le Mekong

  • Le sam 06 avr 2019 à 12:12
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Hello. I plan to travel to Laos in November, possibly with another border country. My dream would be to cruise on the Mekong. I have an incredible memory of two experiences with Eco Friendly Vietnam. The cruises were private, a Junk on Halong Bay, a Sampan on the Mekong in southern Vietnam. It was just fabulous. Minimal comfort, two tiny cabins, shower a few minutes a day, but total freedom, possibility to go where there are no tourists, succulent food, fruit picked in the orchards, and very reasonable prices.   But Eco Friendly is only in Vietnam and I would like to have a similar experience in another country, with a preference for Laos that I don’t know.   Would you have done this type of cruise in Laos? Thank you for your good plans. I saw a lot of proposal on Internet but I didn't find what I search. I don't want boat hotel with 40 other tourists and I don't want to pay 3000$ for 2 nights!
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Le lun 29 juin 2020 à 11:22

We stayed 2 nights on the ship Mekong Eyes. It was not too big and not too little. We really enjoyed the excursions. There was great food on board. The crew is super nice and hardworking. Have really put a lot of effort! Highly recommand!