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How to Find Trusted Essay Writing Help

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Planning an outline for an opinion essay in IELTS task 2

In the IELTS Writing Task 2, you must present your opinion on a social issue. Planning an outline is crucial for scoring higher in this task. This outline can take the form of a diagram, point form, or a few notes. This outline will help you achieve better task achievement and improve your Cohesion/Coherence band score. To plan an outline, follow the steps below.

The first step to planning an outline for an opinion essay in IELTES task 2 is to study the question. You must decide whether to agree or disagree with the statement. Remember that you have to write my essay for me your opinion clearly and not to change your opinion mid-way. If you do not express your opinion clearly, you will not be answering the question in the best way. If you do not make it clear from the start, it will look as if you are trying to write about another topic.

Getting feedback on an opinion essay in IELTS task 2

The Opinion Essay Task in IELTS is one of the hardest sections of the writing exam. You will have only 40 minutes to write a 250-word essay on a topic. In this task, you must buy a phd dissertation which side you are on, and state why. However, remember that the examiner will not be evaluating your thoughts, but will focus more on the content of your essay.

One of the first things you must do when writing an IELTS opinion essay is to show the reader your point of view in the first paragraph. It is important that you make this clear, because the examiner may interpret your points as they see fit. It is also important to state your viewpoint clearly in the conclusion, as this is where you make your final proclamation. Be sure not to repeat any of the terms you used in the introduction.

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