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Smart and safe driver for a trip in Sri Lanka

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Hi, I was in Sri Lanka with my wife and our 3 daughters (11, 14, 17 years old) in July 2022. I can confirm the situation is 100% safe for people who want to visit that country. The current situation is tricky, for sure, for local citizens, who have to deal with lack of fuel, power cuts, huge inflation. However, everything is done to allow foreign tourists to visit the country and, in that way, support the Sri Lankan economy.

I would like to specify that we enjoyed a very nice and friendly experience with our driver, Suresh, who supported us from our arrival to Colombo airport till our departure about 2 weeks later. I am giving his contact number : http://srilanka-travele.com

Whatsapp : +94 77 298 5750

Kind regards,